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Q1. What is Emmesmail's raison d'etre? What makes it better than other mail programs?

A1. Important features in any mail-handling program are speed, safety, reliability, control, and the ability to handle many different types of email. Because Emmesmail was written as a suite of programs rather than as one extremely large program, each program could be optimized for the task it was needed for. The idea behind Emmesmail is to have a scheduler run msp in background, checking for mail as frequently as the user likes. When new mail arrives at the user's POP3 server, mspRetrieve downloads a copy of it to the local PC. mspDeliver then distributes the mail to the proper local account and flags the user that there is mail. Since the mail is already downloaded, and since the mail reader, msv, has very little overhead, the processing of mail by the user is very quick. Emmesmail uses a whitelist, blacklist, and Bayesian filter that allows > 98.5% rejection of annoying spam email.

Q2. What are some of the special features of Emmesmail?

A2. An important feature is the downloading of the mail in background before notifying the recipient. This allows for rapid handling of emails. Another important feature is the provision of a single "Action Menu" from which the most common actions (printing, saving, forwarding, replying, etc.) may be initiated. One unique feature of Emmesmail is its algorithm for rapidly downloading emails when the connection to the server is clean, and its ability to automatically slow down the downloading when the line is noisy or intermittently unavailable. Although this is largely hidden from the user, since the downloading is done in background, it results in a higher ratio of successful downloads than with other mail programs. Another unique feature of Emmesmail is its powerful handling of spam email. Emmesmail rejects > 98.5% of spam emails.

Q3. When does Emmesmail delete messages from the POP3 mail server?

A3. Mail to a given addressee is delivered to that addressee's mailbox on the PC. It is stored there until the "save" "read action button" of msv is clicked, at which time the message is removed from the user's mailbox and stored in the user's chosen incoming mail archive. It is possible for a single user to have multiple save-archives. Clicking the "delete" "read action button" of msv will remove the email message from the user's mailbox without copying it to the user's mail archive.

Q4. What is spam and what does Emmesmail do about it?

A4. Spam is unsollicited email, usually sent out in bulk, to a list of email addresses presumed to be valid. Most people regard spam, or "junk email" after its snail mail equivalent, as a great nuisance, cluttering up mailboxes and interferring with handling of important emails. Emmesmail diverts > 98.5% of incoming spam to the spam mailbox.

Q5. How may one address email using Emmesmail?

A5. Emmesmail allows three ways of addressing mail. A valid email address may be typed in, a previous chosen alias may be typed in, or a name may be selected from the users addressbook. If the email address typed in is not in the user's addressbook, the user is (optionally) asked if he or she wishes to create a new addressbook entry.

Q6. Does Emmesmail have to be installed in C:\emmesmail?

A6. Emmesmail may be installed in any directory.

Q7. After installation, how does one start Emmesmail?

A7. One starts Emmesmail by double-clicking on the EmmesMail icon on the desktop. Mail checking is started by "checking" the mail-check "On" radiobutton and clicking OK.

Eventually Emmesmail will need to be configured. This may be done by hand, using any text editor (Microsoft's Notepad and GNU's emacs will work fine). Directions for configuring Emmesmail by hand can be found in
and also are available by clicking on "Help" in the first window that appears when Emmesmail is launched.

Actually, configuration need not be done beforehand by hand, since the program will ask for the necessary information as needed.

Q8. How does one stop Emmesmail mail checking and collection?

A8. Double-click on the Emmesmail icon. Stop automatic mail checking by "checking" the "Off" radiobutton and clicking OK.

Q9. What is new in version 12?

A9. Version 12 requires significantly less server connect time since spam filtering is done only after disconection from the POP3 server. Mail downloading may be interrupted and then resumed without sacrificing what has been done to the point of interruption. Hebrew Language support continues to improve, with better display of messages using the UTF-8 charset.

Q10. What are the known issues in version 12?

A10.  1) Emmesmail is designed for the private PC, so additional privacy is not provided. Although the POP3 password is protected, there is no logon with password for reading mail, or even for file configuration. This means that anyone can read the mail once it has arrived on the PC.  2) There is no utility for importing addressbooks from other email applications.  3) There is a limit of 500 characters for an addressbook entry, limiting the size of "mailing list" entries in addressbook. However, a mailinglist may be placed in a file and that used to mail to multiple recipients.  4) Businesses, like spammers, tend to send more sophisticated emails than Emmes Technologies normally receives. As a result, our anti-spam databases occasionally have trouble distinguishing valid mail from businesses (order confirmations, etc.) from spam.  5) Emmesmail currently shows all parts of a multipart/alternative message instead of the one most appropriate. According to the strictest interpretation of the standard, it should either show just the last one it is capable of showing, or apply some other selection criteria. 6) There is a bug such that very large emails in the neighborhood of 5 MBytes sometimes trigger a "last email read" signal so that subsequent emails in the mailbox don't get displayed.

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